venerdì 19 aprile 2019

Abstract pattern! Marble or mimetic?

Today I would like to show you another way to use this cute plate from Beauty Big Bang.
It was super easy with this stamping plate from @beautybigbangs id code BBBS-022

 I wanted to use again this cute plate from Beauty Big Bang, the company sent me this and some other product to try.
I think it is great that they have their own production of stamping plates because it means that they will englarge their collection each season. You can find a lot of other stamping plates on their nail stamping section. 

At first I had in mind a marble design with a skin tones base and a clear white and gold but it turned out as a mimetic pattern, which I like anyway!

I am really curious to try it with other colours and see what it looks like!

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Wood nailart with Beauty Big Bang stamping plate

I wanted to try something a little bit different today! A wood design! It was super easy with this stamping plate from @beautybigbangs id code BBBS-022

Have you ever tried something like that?
I think it is nice sometimes to go out of my comfort zone and try new designs and pattern.
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You can find this plate at this link:

This plate is really tiny and cute, it is approx. 6*6 cm and has many pattern, some of them are inspired by nature like wood and marbles and other ones replicate the nail polish marble techinique effect.
I think this plate is a must have if you want to try different pattern and colours. You can achieve endless look with this tiny and unexpensive plate.

In this nailart I did a lighter brown base and then I stamped with a warm brown that looks almost like a dark red. I tried to match a piece of forniture that I have in my apartment.

Festival boho nail art with Beauty Big Bang water decals

While everybody on instagram is getting ready for Coachella and summer festivals I am here with the blanket and a migraine! But I wanted to do something boho and cool at least on my nails! 
Super simple and fast look with these waterdecals from @beautybigbangs @beautybigbangreview id product #J9908-1C 
You can find it here:

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There is a wide range of water decals and designs, I am sure you will find the right one for you.

The decals show some abstract pattern, it is inpired by nature and animals but has a minimal and boho touch. 
The design print is perfect, printed in hight resolution, lines are very sharp. I am a huge fan of water decals in general! They are super easy to use and you can spice up your nails instantly with intricate looking designs. They are also a great alternative to stamping when you want a professional look in a few minutes.

The application is very easy.
The waterdecals are protected by a transparent sheet. You can select the size and the design you want, cut it with a scissor. Don't forget to remove the plastic sheet. Cut out the section of decals, and let it soak in room temperature water for about 15-30 seconds, slide the decals off the paper backing with tweezers and place on the nails with the white or nude base coat
The instructions suggest to place it on  the nail and dry with a tissue. The last step is to secure it with clear nail polish. 

giovedì 18 aprile 2019

Lace design over Holographic polish!

Lace over holo! . The plate is #BBBXL069 . You can use it for a french lace nailart too. 
This plate is from Beauty Big Bang, this store offers inexpensive items and free worldwide shipping with no minimum purchase required

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You can find it at this link:

The plate is very well engraved and has different designs, some geometric lace pattern and some flower too. There are some vertical long stripes and some oriziontal. You can easily use this plate for an accent nailart or for a bridal nail art using a white stamping polish over a nude nailpolish.
The plate is very well engraved and I had no problems in picking up the images.

In this nail art I used a holographic nail polish as base, the nailpolish shade is number 001 (sku #J6414TM1A).

Holographic nail polish from Beauty Big Bang

Holo of the day! Beautiful silver holo nailpolish from @beautybigbangnail. This shade is number 001 (sku #J6414TM1A).
It is a silver colour, the basic holo colour that I miss in my collection (incredible right?), but there others shades available, some beatiful pink and gold rose shades that I would like to try soon.

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You can find other colours here:

The bottle contains 8 ml, the formula is quite watery but easy to apply and dres really fast!

I love the fact that it is sheer and you can use as a top coat too. I think this will look good on dark colours such as black or dark burgundy. I think holographic polish look their best with a glossy clear top coat!
You will need 2 or 3 coats for a full coverage. It is stunning under natural direct light.

mercoledì 3 aprile 2019

Multi layered flower plates

Today I'm sharing my recent nail mail of stamping plates from Born Pretty Store.
Like the previous one it is a multilayering stamping plate. These plates are quite unique, they're designed to be used to layer stamping images on top of each other to add depth, colour, patterns and outlines. They are meant to be used with clear stampers so that placement is precise.

Clear nail stampers can help line up the design so it’s straight on your nails. the applicator for the stamping process is crystal clear so the artist can place the stamp exactly in position. This also allows for layering in different colours without the previous disastrous results from stamping “blind”.

The plates has many gorgeous flowers design such has daisy, rose, carnation, jasmine, there are also some cute butterflies.
I believe this plate is less well engraved than others from this brand, but if you use a super sticky stamper it will be fine.

These plates are available from
at this link:
id #45510