mercoledì 16 gennaio 2019

The best black stamping polish!

Let's go on with our stamping polishes quest!
Now it is the time to show you a passepartout: a black stamping polish!

One of the biggest tips out there for successfully mastering the art of stamping is to invest in top quality nail stamping polish.
The general rule is if the polish is thick and can be applied with almost full-coverage in one coat, it’ll probably work well as a nail stamping polish.
Having a good black stamping polish can unlock you the doors of the heaven of nail stamping. It is a colour that you can use almost over any colour and it perfect for advanced stamping technique because it creates the perfect outlines for any coloured design.
For this reason the stamping polish you choose has to be perfect.

As you can see from this picture this nail polish is excellent, long-lasting, chip-resistant with supersaturated colour pigments. 
It is from Born Pretty Store called Throne BP-WN03 # 42857 . It has an excellent consistency. You will get one cute bottle that has the capacity of approx. 6ml.

This is the third colour I try from this collection from Born Pretty Store and I think they are the best stamping polishes I tired so far, The lines are perfect.

For this shade I wanted a modern and geometric design. I used this plate number BPL-027.  The plate has tons of beautiful designs that are perfect for lead lighting, laying over gradients, reverse stamping and more! I highly suggest this plate.

Black and white floral pattern (Born Pretty white stamping polish)

Hello everyone!
Welcome back to my blog.
A question got asked a lot is about the best stamping polishes.
There are some good stamping polishes out there and sometimes you can even use normal polishes for stamping.
There are many black or dark polishes that you can use for this purpose but for white polishes the situation is more complicated.
Most white polishes are too sheer and creamy to be used for stamping, some others are good over light/medium colours but they fail over dark or black polish.
Most stamping polishes stamp well over white, but the real test is if they lose their vibrancy and opacity over black.

The ultimate test is to try a white polish over a dark black.
One polish that has with no doubt passed the test with an A is this white stamping polish from Born Pretty Store. It is called Pure BP-WN04 PURE id code #42857 .

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 It works perfectly over black and this means it works over any other colour. The formula is very thick and pigmented which makes it perfect for stamping.  I was so impressed with this polish,
As you can see from the picture the stamping is perfect, it transfers on the stamper and then on the nails with no effort. It is no sheer at all, it is very dense even over black, it is matte.

I will try it very soon over a nude polish, I am sure I will create the white lace nailart I have always dreamt of.

You can use for base too, but I think it works better as a stamping polish.

I think that this rich white was perfect to try to replicate this floral patter I found on some stationery items from Tiger.
The black base is Mi-ny Glam Laquer in the colour Black Rock.

sabato 12 gennaio 2019

Silver stamping polish from Born Pretty Store!

Today I have some new products to talk you about.
This new year resolution is all about improoving my stamping skills, so I am trying different products to make this process as easy as possibile.

If you’re into nail stamping, you know the struggle of finding reliable stamping nail polishes, some might work with some stampers and not with others, others works only on light shades.

In the last few months I have been trying some stamping polishes from Born Pretty Store (stamping thermal polish reviews in this post and this post) so I decided to order many others colours to test them with different plates.

I have tried 3 shades of the collection BP-WN04 Pure (the white),BP-WN03 Throne  (the black), BP-WN02 Time Fly (the silver).

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They all come in a 9ml bottle with a brush applicator, all of them are very pigmented, are ideal for stamping over dark colours and only require one coat. they are all opaque and this is a plus in stamping polish because matte formulations transfer very good on the stamper.

I am positively surprised by these polishes, the first one I am going to review is the one called BP-WN02 Time Fly , it is a beautiful chrome silver, very shining and rich.

For this shade I wanted a modern and geometric design. I used this plate and this plate number BPL-027

I used a blue polish with a flakies top cat as base as I feel that's the best way to see how pigmented this shade performs.

.I'm very impressed with this silver stamping polish as it offers amazing colour payoff, it is almost like a mirror chrome!
The designs tranfer perfectly,  you can see how clean the stamped designs is, no matter how intricate the stamping plate.

martedì 11 dicembre 2018

Hidden Winter nail art!

Another Winter/ Festive nail art.
This one has a special touch, a hidden nail art design.

For the two blue nails I used a thermal polish from Born Pretty Store.
you can find it here (many others colours available)

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I paint all the nails with the thermal polish and then I stamp over it with a very similar colour.
It is hidden because when your hands are cold it looks like a normal plain blue nail polish but when your nails are warm the nail polish turns light blue and it reveals the festive design.

For stamping I used the BBBXL-034 stamping plate from Beauty Big Bang

You can buybit here

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lunedì 10 dicembre 2018

Let it snow! Nail art!


Let it snow!

 product used:
Beauty Big Bang plate BBBXL-034

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Nail art tools: nail tip holder

Today I would like to show you an amazing tool. I know most of my readers are her for nailarts but I think it is very useful to show you other tools that can make our life easier and show products in a nice and professional way.

The Beauty Big Bang online store was so kind to send me some products to try.

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This is a very nice nail tip holders Id product SKU: J5760-2C. It can not only be used as practice stand but also can be use to display nail art. Each tip stand has a magnetic bottom to allow it stand upright.

The display arrived very well packed in a velvet case, very elegant and useful.

The base is made up by a crystal in acrylic and you can choose different colours, I picked the rainbow one, because it can go well with any kind of colour. If you film You Tube videos this can be a very nice background. You can apply the false nail tip with some blue tac or biadhesive tape.